Transparency and responsible purchasing

Geia Food AS

Due diligence assessments

Act relating to enterprises’ transparency and work on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions (Transparency Act) requires larger companies to implement and conduct due diligence assessments in own business, supply chains and business relations.

This report describes the work Geia Food AS has done with adaptation to the law, correlating duties and measures identified in due diligence assessments.

The statement applies activities carried out in the financial year 2022.

For general information: Read more about the Geia Food organization. 

Negative consequences and risks

Actual and potential negative consequences uncovered are explained in our due diligence assessments.

An overall survey of collaboration partners has been carried out with further risk assessment of these. The work on due diligence assessments is continues in 2023 with further investigations of selected areas. There have been no significant areas of risk identified, which requires special follow-up.

Measures to stop, prevent or limit negative consequences.

Geia Food has started to implement measures to prevent and limit potential negative consequences revealed in the due diligence assessment.

Our Sedex membership Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions – Sedex along with the amfori ESG Risk Compass – amfori are among the tools we have applied to conduct the due diligence assessment.

The process linked to due diligence assessments is sought to be implemented in the daily work so that emerging issues are caught along the way. The result of this will over time be better follow-up of human and labor rights in supply chains and at business relations.

Geia Food AS operating routines are otherwise based on the applicable laws and guidelines within different areas and are considered sufficient to ensure proper compliance for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

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