Solution Provider - Fit for modern life

  • Strong purchasing and sales organization – professional team with extensive market insight and knowhow.

  • Present in all Scandinavian countries 
    – strong logistics and reliable delivery 

  • Flexibility and innovation – a solution to every need with a focus on fresh thinking.

  • One business partner – one-stop-shopping of goods, packaging design and logistics.

Geia Food, Taking Care of Your Business

Food concepts ready to serve

We deliver food concepts to leading retail chains
– from idea to shop launch. Through our global network of suppliers we add value to our customers and the Scandinavian retail market.

Survival of the fittest brands

Our food concepts ensure that goods sell right
now but also create growth in the long term. Developing viable products and lasting concepts to our own and private labels is at the top of our agenda.

Our knowhow optimizes your business

We know the market and are renowned for having the strongest sourcing knowhow. Delivering on time at a competitive price with focus on food safety is what we do.

Your way into the Scandinavian market

With an attractive network of suppliers, a wide product portfolio and logistics in place in all the Scandinavian countries, we are a strong business partner who creates value and growth for our customers.