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Unrivalled speed and quality in developing food concepts

Wide and deep product offering to the Nordics through partnerships with more than 370 loyal suppliers. Geia Food is the value-adding link between suppliers and customers, developing food concepts for the Nordics through unique competences and a long track record as a trusted partner.

We create value for our customers by boosting product innovation, reducing operating complexity and increasing category profitability. Our best-in-class supplier network gains a one-point-of-access to all Nordics profiting from an effective sales platform based on deep customer insights and a cost-efficient logistics and quality assurance platform.

We offer a flexible brand approach that allows our customers to tailor food concepts with the desired brand type.
Our offerings include private label, controlled label, own label, packers brands and even A-brands in certain categories.

Private labels

Geia Food serves as an important partner to help boost product innovation and profitability for our customers in their effort to develop own brands.

We work closely with our customers from idea to launch.

Controlled labels

At Geia Food, we have a strong track record in developing new brands and concepts. We often do this in cooperation with customers, in which we commit together to a design and brand. Geia Food is then responsible for the design and label.

Own labels

Our long history in food and concept development has left us with a large portfolio of our own labels that span all our product categories. These labels are already designed and tested – ready to be sold to our customers. Designing new and relevant labels is an ongoing activity at Geia Food.

Packers brands

Geia Food’s large network of suppliers enables us to provide our clients with packers brands for our customers. These brands are normally ready to sell to customers, who can use them for campaigns, test-marketing a certain type of product, or to help cover sudden shortages of goods.


We also help suppliers from around the world to establish a presence for their well-known brands in local retail markets in the Nordic countries.

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Geia Food is a supplier to the leading Nordic retail chains.

Best in class suppliers

We have done our utmost to find the best suppliers in every product category – suppliers who will also contribute the most to our customers’ growth. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with more than 370 suppliers worldwide

All our suppliers must comply with relevant certification processes – which in turn helps us to maintain our IFS Broker certification. That means that Geia Food can guarantee our customers not only a vast choice of products, but also product quality, food safety and supply security.

Find your local market expert

At Geia Food we are always looking for new and interesting products to launch into the Nordic countries.

We have a lot of experience and we would like to share this with you.

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