Securing and

Quality & ESG

At the forefront on ESG, food safety and certifications

Customers in the Nordics are increasingly demanding verification of food safety and quality control.
Geia Food plays an important role in supplying the Nordic food market. Ensuring safe and healthy food
on the tables of millions of people across the region is top priority for us.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Every day we tansport food products worldwide from our suppliers to our customers in the Nordics. We acknowledge the fact that our operation depends on a strict focus on the social responsibily we have.

To meet our responsibilities, we have worked extensively
on our ESG strategy which focuses on three areas
– responsible assortment, responsible procurement
and good governance.

Food safety and certification

In today’s globalized world there is a strong consumer demand for a diverse range of food products.
Many of them are produced locally or regionally, but consumers also expect their retailers to offer a variety of food items, including some from faraway regions.

That puts an extra responsibility on Geia Food. Only by being able to document the highest possible level of food safety awareness and most stringent procedures at all times will we be able to remain at the forefront of this business. Our work in these crucial areas is documented in an IFS Broker certification.

Supplier requirements

Customers in the Nordics are increasingly demanding independent verification of their suppliers’ ability to monitor food safety and quality control properly.

We prioritize working with suppliers who have the same level of quality and food safety certification as we do,
thus satisfying the demands of our customer.

If a supplier lacks one of these certifications, we audit them to verify their quality and safety procedures.

Geia Food – Supplier Code of Conduct


Quality control

Geia Food’s quality control and management systems have earned three independent third-party approvals.

Among other things, these certifications acknowledge that our senior management has demonstrated their commitment to food safety, that the company has retained qualified staff and that we have documented procedures to assess hazard and risk and to select the right suppliers and products.

Find your local market expert

At Geia Food we are always looking for new and interesting products to launch into the Nordic countries.

We have a lot of experience and we would like to share this with you.

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