Poultry for your everyday and festive dinners

Duck, Chicken & Turkey

Poultry at its best

Our poultry assortment includes a wide range of duck and chicken offerings. For festive dinners during the
Christmas season, we offer fresh duck, free range duck and whole turkey as well.

Our products come from some of the best suppliers in the world.
We market whole birds, cuts and oven-ready products, both fresh and frozen.

Food safety, quality control and taste are the cornerstones of our product range, which we update all year long.


As a leading supplier of ducks to the Nordic retail market, Geia Food takes pride in supplying the best ducks at the best price.

We offer both frozen and fresh duck, both whole birds and cuts. 

Visit our website www.vildmedand.dk to view our delicious duck recipes. Meals with duck can be enjoyed all year round.

Animal Welfare

In 2016, Geia Food went into a formal collaboration with The Danish Society for Animal Protection (Dyrenes Beskyttelse)
– the leading organization in Denmark devoted to animal protection and welfare.

Therefore, we can offer duck products that are formally “Recommended by” the leading animal welfare organization
– a traditional free-range duck with a certified degree of welfare.

Chicken & turkey

Our chicken products are both fresh and frozen. In the fresh assortment you will find whole birds, marinated chicken, and selected cuts.

The frozen product assortment consists of different cuts, fried and breaded chicken. Soup hens and diced products are also available.

We are always improving our poultry categories by offering new delicacies.

Our turkey products are fresh and the range covers inner fillets, strips and breast.


Geia Food is a supplier to the leading Nordic retail chains.

Please explore our wide range of products

Geia Food is a supplier to the leading Nordic retail chains.

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At Geia Food we are always looking for new and interesting products to launch into the Nordic countries.

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