Relationships & local presence


Proudly serving retailers, convenience and food service customers

At Geia Food, we believe it is important to be present in the markets where we operate, which is why we have local offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. By letting us work closely with our customers, these offices enable us to respond quickly to local needs and emerging consumer trends.

Our local presence throughout the Nordic countries, our history of successful product launches and our strong relationships with suppliers and customers make us a strong partner for every aspect of bringing new concepts to market.

Dialogue comes first

In Geia Food, you will find an experienced partner for every aspect of bringing a new product to market – from concept and product development to packaging, marketing and distribution. 

Our market position is grounded in an intimate knowledge
of local market conditions and carefully cultivated relationships with our suppliers and customers.

We have a dedicated staff, and our teams are professional, up-to-date and competent, which enables them to find the best solutions, no matter what obstacles they may encounter.

In-depth market knowledge

The Nordic countries are home to 25 million people, spread over a vast area. Per capita, the Nordics have twice the purchasing power of the average European.

Yet food and marketing preferences vary greatly within the region, and new products can have a hard time gaining a substantial market share. Fortunately, Geia Food is uniquely positioned to help you navigate these diverse markets.

We offer both our clients and our suppliers a single point of entry to the Nordic market.

Sales opportunities and business partners

We pride ourselves on the breadth of our clientele,
which includes all major players in the Nordic retail landscape. 

Our business relations with existing partners represent a wide variety of sales channels that new suppliers can benefit from. And we are constantly working on expanding our network.


Category work

We have unrivalled speed and quality in developing food concepts, and we offer products in 9 major product categories.

Our sales team has in-depth sales and marketing expertise in each of these categories. This helps us respond to the fast-developing food market and create solutions that match market demands as they arise.

At Geia Food, we work together across departments, and our Sales Department is supported by their colleagues in Purchasing, Quality & ESG, and Supply Chain. That permits them to give our customers the advice and guidance they need, regardless of product category.

We collaborate closely with our customers to provide flexible solutions and the fastest time to market in the industry. We try to make it easy to be our customer.

Contact our local market expert

At Geia Food we are always looking for new and interesting products to launch into the Nordic countries.

We have a lot of experience and we would like to share this with you.

If you are interested in knowing more please contact our local purchase and sales representatives.