Geia Food acquires Food Partners World

With the acquisition, Geia strengthens its position in the convenience store segment and increases focus on ultra-fresh meal solutions, freshly squeezed juices and shots for a large number of Nordic clients.

Group CEO of Geia Food, Claus Ravnsbo says:

“Food Partners World is an exciting growth company and one of the leading specialists in the development and delivery of quality convenience food and beverage products in the Nordic region. With more than 25 years of experience in the food industry, the company has a highly innovative approach to product development in close collaboration with customers and producers, which has resulted in a wealth of healthy and exciting meal solutions and beverage products that capture current trends.”

Food Partners World has annual sales of approx. 115 million DKK and employs 10 people. From the office in the center of Copenhagen, the company keeps its finger on the pulse for new trends in chilled meal solutions, on-the-go snacks and freshly squeezed juices and shots. The company’s customers include convenience stores throughout the Nordic region, petrol stations and retail chains. Over the years, Food Partners World has launched a number of successful brands such as Palæo, Lundbergs and grEAT and also develops exciting concepts with customers under their own brands.

“With the acquisition of Food Partners World, we aim to focus more on the segment with completely fresh and healthy meal solutions and beverage products – an area that will grow strongly in the coming years. Our ambition is to create the strongest provider of fresh convenience products in the Nordic region, and with our joint competencies in Geia Food and Food Partners, we look forward to an exciting Nordic growth journey in the years ahead, together with the company’s capable employees,” says Claus Ravnsbo.

The company´s founders Daniel Straub-Hamp, Carsten Mortensen and Tim Klöcker are still partners in the new structure and will continue to be responsible for day-to-day operations.

CEO of Food Partners World, Daniel Straub-Hamp says:

“The convenience store segment has grown explosively in recent years, despite Covid-19, and it has therefore become a must-have “leg” for any larger food processing group. The market has historically been very fragmented and with the increasing volumes, we believe that consolidation is necessary in order to be able to grow and be competitive in the longer term. That is why we are incredibly happy and proud to be able to continue our growth journey together with Geia Food throughout the whole Nordic region.”

For further information, please contact:

Claus Ravnsbo, Group CEO, Geia Food, tel. +45 29 99 18 21

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