Duck & Poultry

Duck & Poultry

Poultry at its best

We supply poultry for your everyday and festive dinners. That is quite a bit of poultry, which comes from the best suppliers in the world. Both as whole poultry, cuts and oven-ready products, fresh as well as frozen. Food safety and quality control are at the top of the menu, along with excellent taste, when we select the best poultry from all over the world for meals all year round.

  • Duck

    Duck for any occasion

    As a leading supplier of ducks to the Danish retail market we take pride in supplying the best ducks at the best price.
    Go to our webside to view our delicious duck recipies.


  • Chicken

    Chicken just they way you like it

    Wheter you are on the lookout for whole chicken or cuts for your dinner we deliver it.
    Below you can see some of our chicken products.