We value good taste

Geia Food has a wide range of beverages. We fill your glass with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, with everything from fine, sparkling wines to mix-it-yourself organic cordials.  We import the delicious drops from all over the world in cooperation with the best suppliers of wine, soft drinks and spirits. Each and every drop has been chosen with care for its delicious taste.

  • Wine

    We have a basement full of good bottles

    And we have filled the bottles with excellent red, white and sparkling wines imported from expert wine producers in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Chile etc. With our taste buds as our guide, we select the best quality at the price at vineyards around the world. We monitor the market and the vintage closely, and continuously add new wines to our stock.

    Learn more about the wine houses via the links below.

  • Spirits

    Out of the study and into the shops

    Rum and whisky are classics and are naturally to be found in our selection of spirits. But we also discover exciting alternatives which have not already found their way into the shops. We are constantly on the lookout for new taste experiences to join the ranks of the classic spirits. 
    Learn more about the destillery and brewery via the link below.

  • Soft Drinks

    Water in every shade

    Our selection of soft drinks includes a series of natural mineral water from underground springs, as well as a number of soft drinks bursting with taste. We have cordials, juices, sparkling drinks, energy and mineral drinks. With or without added sugar and with natural or added energy. Our exciting soft drinks not only quench your thirst, they are also a shortcut to good taste and lots of energy.