Press Release

Press Release

Geia Food opens office in Norway

Exports for Geia Food A/S continue to rise, with the Norwegian market showing exceptional growth in recent years. Therefore, the company has decided to open an office in Oslo, a move designed to boost further sales on the difficult Norwegian market.

Geia Food’s new office in Norway is the result of concentrated focus on some of the biggest retailers in the country, leading to a large number of collaborative and private label agreements that have boosted turnover for the Danish-based company, supported by an attractive price level.

In particular Geia Food’s frozen products proved popular with Norwegian consumers and with a portfolio including refrigerated and grocery products, the range sold by Geia Food in Norway will expand considerably in short time. Despite the market being subject to strict import tariffs, Geia Food can still compete on prices, whether it is a pizza produced in Italy or a ready-to-eat meal produced in Thailand.

The new subsidiary is already established, headed by two former directors of Diplom Is Norge. “We are delighted that we succeeded in attracting two such experienced and extremely competent FMCG professionals to the company, and we fully expect to achieve all our ambitions in Norway,” says Geia Food CEO, Claus Ravnsbo.

Geia Food’s objective is to become a key solution provider for retailers throughout Scandinavia. The new office in Oslo will generate the same close link to Norwegian retailers as the Swedish and Finnish offices have on their respective markets today.

“We prefer to have very close contact to our customers and have a declared intention of maintaining a local presence on our neighbouring markets. This means we can continuously keep track of what the market wants, and allow us to conduct highly-focused sales campaigns with a high level of delivery security”, states Claus Ravnsbo.