Eventyr Is

Once upon a time there was a fairytale ice cream – and now it’s back!

In the land of Hans Christian Andersen, what could be more appropriate than naming an temptingly refreshing ice cream for fairy tales? That is exactly what eventyr means. Eventyr means fairytale and Is means ice cream. Eventyr Is is the ice to entice!

Eventyr Is is a Danish ice cream brand – synonymous with quality and solid dairy traditions – that held a firm position since its start in 1935 until it was taken off the market when the manufacturers were bought up.

We are now relaunching Eventyr Is after several years, and with great respect for the tradition of the fairytale brand, we have redesigned the logo and wrapping but kept the enticing taste. In honour of the brand’s heritage the logo look similar to the one seen in 'the good old days' with a modern twist.

The Eventyr Is range contains 12 enticingly refreshing ice cream, cones and lollies.