We deliver food concepts to leading retail chains
– from idea to shop launch.

Market insight provider
We are at the forefront of the market, which gives us a unique competitive edge on prices, selection and quality range.

Innovation provider
We develop new ideas for food concepts according to market trends and consumer needs
– and turn them into sales.

Sourcing provider
We select the best suppliers within each category and continuously optimize our cooperation to the benefit of our customers.

Packaging design provider
We design smart and appetizing packaging, from basic to high-end products and from traditional to gourmet concepts, letting the design communicate about the product.

Logistics provider
We are the fastest supplier in the market with strategically located warehouses and cost-effective distribution to leading Scandinavian retail chains.

Concept and product provider
We supply products and concepts that lift their category and have lasting competitive advantages.

Key account management provider
We collaborate closely with our customers and provide flexible solutions with the fastest time to market in the business. We want it to be easy to be our customer.

Value provider
We provide a strategic business concept with easy access to best-in-class suppliers and a fast way into the Scandinavian market as a sales channel.

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